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The latest installment of Adeena Sussman’s MJL food column “The Inspired Kitchen� is now available. The newest recipe: Sour Cherry Soup. Try this sweet and refreshing Hungarian dairy favorite this Shavuot!

Posted on May 17, 2007

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One thought on “The Inspired Kitchen

  1. katiealbert

    I was sooooo happy to see the sour cherry soup recipe. I left Hungary when I was 23, so I had many springs and summers to enjoy it. I have never made it on my own, but I decided to try it this year. My mom also put gooseberries, apples and red-current in it, sometimes even pears. In the summer it’s great cold, but I like it warm as well. Unfortunately, my husband, who is from Virginia, doesn’t like fruit in any kind of meal. Well, more will be for me.

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