More Magneto Fun

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Okay, remember when we learned about the Jewish heritage of various comic-book characters yesterday? Now, we’re going to see it in action.


Okay, admittedly, this is a Friday thing. But, hey, it’s a Friday. And any comic that has the line “Let my people go, ya mook!” is worthy of being included in *my* canon.

Posted on August 22, 2008

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11 thoughts on “More Magneto Fun

  1. The Doctor

    He’s from Brooklyn and has been spotted sneaking out of a shul in disguise after saying Kaddish.

    Given his appearance, does his shorts-only working outfit violate the laws of modesty?

  2. Ezekah

    One point for sure, if Ben Grimm was hoisting the Torah scrolls, he would have no trouble displaying the requisite three columns to the congregation.

  3. The Doctor

    Although it would be better for him to hagbah a sephardic torah; less likely to tear the material than an ashkenazic model…

  4. Matzah2

    My favorite super heros were the dynamic duo, Tefillin Guy and Tsitsit Wonder.

    They would fly under a magic tallis, scouring the city for depressed, disconnected Jews. When they found one, Tefillin Guy would offer the dejected jew to get layed. When the poor soul agreed, our heros would pull out a pair, and say, “Okay then, let’s lay some tefillin!”.

    Of course, after the whole ordeal, the lonly Jew would usually say, “Thanks…I needed that.”

    Naturally, some were not interested in getting layed, and so they would instead be offered some POT and LSD. Now, of course, anyone would agree to that. So Put-On-Tefillin and Let’s-Start-Davenin’!

  5. The Doctor

    There actually was an comic series about the Jewish Hero Corps, featuring Magen David [with his impenetrable six-pointed shield], Menorah Man [he can grwo up to 8 arms and shoot fire out of them], Minyan Man [can split into 10 copies], Matzah Woman [accidentally ate matzah baked with radioactive water; very strong but is vulnerable to being soaked in water for more than 18 minutes], Kipa Kid [The Capped Crusader, has devices hidden in his kippah and his utility gartel], Dreidel Maidel [can spin real fast and is also the smartest and fastest thinker around], and Shabbas Queen [has a wand that disables electronic devices; must recharge one day in seven].

  6. Matzah2

    And then there was Sabra, a female flying superhero who appeared in one of the Incredible Hulk comics. Poison darts would fly out of her fingertips. No match for Hulk, though.

  7. The Doctor

    Hulk smash puny maidel…

    Superman was jewish too [there’s strong evidence for this], but he wouldn’t let anyone know [it would interfere with him assimilating and dating the local girl...]

  8. The Doctor

    He was descended from the house of El [Beth El, if you please], he was a refugee from a destroyed world, and his creators ere very explicit as to what he symbolized. It makes for a great sermon even if his goal was assimilation. And as far as we know, his bris was on Krypton, where the knife wouldn’t break off…

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