Jewish Gag Cartoonists

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Earlier this week, Ken Krimstein posted about making it as a professional cartoonist and kvetching and wining. He is the author of Kvetch As Kvetch Can: Jewish Cartoons. He’ll be blogging all week for MyJewishLearning and the Jewish Book Council’s Author Blog…and, if you’re in Minneapolis, catch the “live version” of his book at the JCC’s Jewish Humor festival!

Come back tomorrow to read more of Ken Krimstein’s work. His new book, Kvetch As Kvetch Can: Jewish Cartoons, is now available.

Posted on December 22, 2010

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One thought on “Jewish Gag Cartoonists

  1. Stephen Margolis

    Hello: I attended your talk at the Sabes JCC in St. Louis Park and enjoyed it very much. During the discussion, someone brought up the anti-Israel cartoons of Oliphant and possibly Conrad. These cartoons can be found on the web, the most notorious Oliphant cartoon shows an Israel storm trooper wheeling a Mogen David with shark teeth towards a cowering Gaza. The most notorious Conrad cartoon shows an airliner with Mogen David on the tail headed for twin mosques. (Conrad is recently deceased).

    Since I didn’t know what the discussor was talking about I thought I would let you know; you may or may not be familiar with these cartoons.

    Incidentally, I was in high school with Arnold Roth and was a professor at SUNY-Buffalo when Tom Toles got his start.

    Also, your talk was most interesting and food for thought. My favorite was your “tree rings” cartoon.

    Sincerely, Stephen G. Margolis

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