Can’t Stop Talking About Basketball

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Last night I traveled to the Izod Center to see the New Jersey Nets and the NBA Referees defeat my Sacramento Kings.

I’m not gonna get into the game. I don’t really want to talk about it. But, one thing I do want to talk about is the crowd. Not a lot of people go to Nets games. Kind of reminded me of the Expos games I used to attend. But that’s not what this post is about.

There are a crazy amount of Jews who attend Nets games. I’m not talking about people I’m guessing are Jewish. I’m talking kippah wearing/long skirt Jews.

This got me thinking. What professional sports team has the most Jewish fans? I’m not talking numbers here. I’m talking percentages. Sure the New York Knicks probably have a good amount. But everyone in NY roots for the Knicks.

I have a couple of nominees: The Nets, Brooklyn Cyclones, and the Florida Marlins. Each team has very little fans and are dense Jewish populations. If baseball were played in the winter, the answer would hands down be the Marlins. But the answer really might be the Nets.

Posted on January 6, 2009

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9 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Talking About Basketball

  1. josh_goldberg

    I hear the Canadiens have the same number of fans as the Expos, and I know the Moses family likes them… maybe the answer is the Habs!

  2. David79

    Jeremy, how does a guy in New Jersey end up loving the Sacramento Kings?
    You may be their only fan east of Placerville.
    Next, are you limiting the discussion to North American teams? I noticed you did not mention any of the Israeli Euroleague teams, just USA and Canada. Also, if the left coast of the USA is to have a prayer of being included, which otherwise would be an injustice, then we need a handicap or something to make up for the comparative lack of left coast Jews. The Dodgers or the Lakers, I’m not a fan of either of those teams, should be able to make it into the discussion. Otherwise it’s just about where are the largest Jewish populations in America.

  3. Jeremy Moses Post author

    The only way to become a Kings fan is to have lived in Sacramento…

    1) I specifically avoided Israeli Euroleague teams. But if you were to count them Maccabi Tel Aviv would be #1. That being said, a lot of people are fans of Anthony Parker on the Toronto Raptors because he wears #18 in honor of his time playing in Tel Aviv.

    2) I have no issues with the West Coast. But remember the equation. You need a large Jewish population, with a team that no one cares about. Maybe you can count the Oakland A’s? But I still think the Nets would beat them out. Or maybe the Clippers?

  4. David79

    Maybe the Clippers, or the Warriors. I’d guess the Clippers beat out the Nets; the only people at their games were given the tickets by Laker fans required to buy them as part of their season ticket packages.
    Possibly an oxymoron to say one lived in Sacramento. It’s like skiing Elk Grove. If you lived in Sacramento then you are freakishly skilled.

  5. Jeremy Moses Post author

    First, Billy Crystal is a Clippers season ticket holder. So that’s one Jew.

    But I wish I had a picture of the amount of Jews at the Nets game. It was crazy.

  6. josh_goldberg

    By the way- I just bought a ridiculous looking Lakers jersey from machaneh yehudah. It is a perfect cross between bootleg Lakers and Macabee Tel Aviv design (except purple and not blue). There are even purple stars on the sides.

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