As Long As They Don’t Get Any Bright Ideas About Gefilte Fish

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On these sweltering summer days, we’re all dreaming about ice cream. But when you dream about ice cream does your scoop have little pieces of rugelach in it? Or maybe babka? How about milk and honey?

Well, now there’s Chozen brand all-natural ice cream. Each of their flavors is inspired by classic desserts of major Jewish holidays, and its creators claim it has both chutzpah and kosher certification.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s 103F outside, but coconut macaroon ice cream sounds absolutely delectable, and I am counting the minutes until I can get myself to a local grocery store for some of this scrumptious, chutzpadik goodness.

Posted on July 7, 2010

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7 thoughts on “As Long As They Don’t Get Any Bright Ideas About Gefilte Fish

  1. Yittah Lawrence

    It is interesting, I read the comment that said Í would like a flavour for Yom Kippur, and I burst out laughing, assuming it was a joke, my second thought was that perhaps the person meant for after Yom Kippur, after the fast had ended. One feels so dry for quite a while. The person who answered them took it very seriously, saying try the flavour NONE…different ways of looking at the same words.! Even though we still both thought one could not eat during Yom Kippur.

  2. k

    I was joking about the flavor “none” because I thought hoarsen was joking as well, c’mon Yittah we aren’t all dolts 100% of the time, maybe 60/40 :):):):) and a smiley sideways always means a joke. It is fun commenting though. I laughed too. What if he is SERIOUS????????????? Oh Dear.

  3. Gabriela Smith

    Seems to me that it would have to be a flavor that made you really, really sorry to have eaten it.
    Just a thought…

  4. Laura

    Yom Kippur flavor? An empty container to be opened before candel lighting. Put away in cupboard and forget. at break fast…go out and eat any flavor !

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