A Fancy Chabadnik

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Top_Hat.jpgIn this week’s Forward, Dani Shapiro writes about an experience that most of us have experienced.

I was pushing my son’s stroller along the main avenue of our Brooklyn neighborhood on a bright fall morning, when I was stopped by a bearded man in a top hat, his long black coat flapping.

“Excuse me, are you Jewish?� he asked.

Being stopped by a Chabadnik holding a lulav and etrog, not so unusual, right? But wait. Read that again.

Shapiro’s Chabadnik was wearing a top hat, not a fedora! Pretty cool.

Posted on October 10, 2008

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One thought on “A Fancy Chabadnik

  1. Tamar Fox

    It would be way cooler if it was a *stove* top hat. People should be seated at shul based on how high their hats are (highest in the back, so shorties can see). Then people who really don’t want to participate and want to sit in the back and be attitude problems have to wear super silly headgear.

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