Purim Queen

Holiday songs, pop style


The following Purim songs are written to popular tunes by the band Queen. Reprinted with permission of the author.

Mesopotamian Rhapsody

To the tune of "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Chorus: Is this a wive’s tale, or is it history?

Though it’s a satire, it reflects a reality

Pick up that yad, start right at the top and see.

We are just some poor folk, we need no sympathy,

’cause we’re easy come, easy go.

Riding high, then brought low,

Bavel’s where we’re led to, sitting by the waters

We weep.

Esther: Uncle, my mom and dad

Had a sword held to their heads, could do nothing, now they’re dead.

Uncle, life is just no fun.

But now all that I knew is blown away.

Uncle, oooooooooh,  cannot ever tell a lie

I have doubts someone up there remembers

anytime, anywhere – knows what has even happened.

Mordecai: Hadassah, my little one.

this is now your home, you will never be alone.

Hadassah, I have known your pain.

You must not allow your faith to fade away

Hadassah, oooooooh, I will not stand by

We will survive this cold and cruel Diaspora

Esther: I see a little billeto for a dance

Oy gevalt, oy gevalt, should I learn the fandango?

Chorus: Achashverosh needs a queen, totally exciting thing

Manischevitz! Manischevitz!  Manischevitz!  Manischevitz!

Manischevitz! Chicken Soup, With garlic clo – o – o – oves

Esther: I’m just a frum Jew, will the king love me

Chorus: She’s just a frum Jew, in a frum family

Spare her the shame of this sexist travesty

Esther: Easy come, easy go, I’ll just change my name

Mordecai: Hadassah, no!  I will not let you go –

Esther: Let me go!

Mordecai:  Hadassah, I will not let you go –

Esther:  Let me go!

Mordecai:  Hadassah, I will not let you go –

Esther:  Let me go!

Mordecai:  Not let you go –

Esther:  Let me go!

Mordecai:  Not let you go –

Esther:  Let me go! Oh oh oh oh

Chorus: Oy oy oy oy oy oy oy

Esther:  Oh uncle Mordy, uncle Mordy, Uncle Mordy let me go!

Achashverosh may cast a loving eye on me, on me, on me!

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Jason van Leeuwen, a.k.a. "RebJason" is a rabbi and cantor in at B'nai Tikvah Congregation in Los Angeles.

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