Make Your Own Purim Costume

How to be the life of the Purim party.


Purim is a great opportunity to express your inner artist. Instead of buying a pre-made costume, renting something expensive, or settling for last year’s outfit, consider making your own costume. With a little creativity and some simple materials, it’s easy to be the hit of the Purim party.

Costumes from the Purim Holiday

Everyone loves the classic Purim costumes: Esther and Vashti queen outfits, the royal attire of King Ahasuerus, and Haman in menacing-looking garb. But there are other Purim-themed ways to dress up.
make your own costume
Consider going as mishloach manot, traditional Purim gifts. You can turn yourself into a walking gift basket with a quick trip to the gift wrap aisle. You’ll need:

-Brightly colored, non-matching shirt, pants (or skirt), and belt
-Clear cellophane
-Multicolored ribbon
-Packaging from festive foodstuffs such as candy bar wrappers, cookie boxes, etc.
-Super glue

Glue or tape food packaging to the shirt. Measure, cut, and glue cellophane to create a tube that can fit around your waist and chest. This can either be the length of a dress or a shirt, depending on how you want to wear it and how much cellophane you have.

Use the blade of the scissors to curl the multicolored ribbon (alternatively, you can buy pre-curled ribbon).

After putting on the shirt and pants, slip on the cellophane. Secure to your body with the belt. With help, tie the ribbon into a large bow across your chest or waist. Additionally, streamers of ribbon can be tied into long hair.

Another way to get into the Purim spirit is to dress up as a bottle of wine:

-One “construction grade” large paper bag for yard trimmings (found in any home improvement store)

Famous Jews

Jeans and a “Super Jew” t-shirt from ModernTribe or PopJudaica are an instant Seth Rogen costume. A black tux, sunglasses, mustache, and an open collar revealing a large, gold Judaica necklace make a great Sammy Davis, Jr. costume (be sure to wear dancing shoes and carry a martini glass). Albert Einstein’s disheveled professor look can be recreated with black dress pants, a white button-down shirt, and an oversized sweater stuffed with newspaper for a plumper look.

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