Where to Find the Best Coconut Macaroons in NYC

Five places in NYC that make incredible coconut macaroons for Passover.

As Passover fast approaches, coconut macaroons will soon be everywhere. While most boxed and tin varieties can be overly sweet and bland, homemade coconut macaroons, when made right, are a toasty, chewy treat. Here’s a list of NYC’s best coconut macaroons–they’re fresh, homemade and covered with chocolate, sprinkles and other creative toppings.

Danny Macaroons

Danny Macaroons are a NYC favorite–you’ve probably seen them for sale in coffee shops in NYC and Chicago. According to their website, they use high-quality non-GMO coconut flakes, which might explain why they taste so fresh and flavorful. If you need more proof, Food & Wine ranks them among the best cookies in the country. Sophisticated palates will appreciate the sesame-caramel macaroon, coated in seeds. We’re in love with the black and white macaroon, above, and, of course, their rainbow sprinkle-covered macaroons.


This is how we gluten-free.

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These dark chocolate-dipped macaroons are a huge hit among gluten-free noshers, and they’d fit right in at Passover. This Red Hook, Brooklyn-based bakery likes to think outside the box, and their macaroons are no exception–they’re pyramid-shaped, and completely stunning.

Image from Magnoliabakery.goldbely.com

Magnolia Bakery

The bakery that’s famous for whimsical cupcakes and artfully decorated cakes also makes some of the best coconut macaroons in the city. Soft and chewy on the inside and toasty on the outside, these are sure crowd-pleasers.


For Passover, Shelsky’s makes homemade Mama Ilne’s Macaroons which you might want to call ahead about, as they’re a popular component of their Passover menu. This new-school Brooklyn appetizing shop does everything from scratch, including homemade matzah, haroset and a mouthwatering sweet potato, celeriac, prune & fresh thyme kugel.

Brooklyn Larder

These decadent double-chocolate coconut macaroons are made with 68% dark chocolate, and they’re so beloved, they’re sold year round. They also make almond coconut macaroons for Passover, so you can come home with a variety. Everything at this artisanal provision shop is either homemade by their talented kitchen, or prepared locally and/or responsibly. Chances are, you’ll be just as dazzled by their macaroons as you will by their incredible curation of sustainably-produced, small-batch snacks and ingredients.




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