Haroset: Recipes from Around the World

If you are looking to make a second haroset for your family, or just want to try a new tradition on for size, check out one of these recipes to spice up your menu.

While many American Jews associate haroset with the apple, walnut and sweet wine variety that originated in Eastern Europe, haroset recipes are as varied as Jews and Jewish food. Whether haroset is made with apples, dried fruit, spices or sweet wine, the symbolism of the haroset is an integral (and delicious) part of the Passover seder.

Try serving more than one haroset at your Passover celebration this year!

Classic Ashkenazi Haroset

Haroset from Egypt, with dates and yellow raisins

Haroset from Italy, with pine nuts, ground almonds, prunes and yellow raisins

Haroset from Morocco, with dates, cinnamon and ground cloves

Haroset from Piedmont, with chestnuts, almonds and orange juice

Sephardi-style Haroset from Israel, with dates, figs, cinnamon and cardamom

Haroset from Turkey, with apples, dates, walnuts and raisins

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