Weekly Shabbat Menu

Last week I was looking for a last minute marinade and came up with a brilliant new “everything” marinade for my chicken. I subscribe to the school of ziploc bag marinating which is easy and is my fool-proof method to ensure flavorful, moist roast chicken. And as I was trying to figure out what to marinate my chicken with, I just decided to throw all my favorite ingredients into the ziploc bag for my chicken.

Well lo and behold – it was so good that I knew I needed to recreate it! Here’s my recipe that marinates 2 whole chickens: 1 can of beer, 1/4 cup dijon or whole grain mustard, 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, 2 Tbsp horseradish, 2 Tbsp honey, 2 Tbsp olive oil, salt and pepper. Whisk all ingredients together and pour half over each chicken. Place chicken and marinade in plastic ziploc bag and allow to marinate overnight.

I also came across this recipe for creamy Hearts of Palm and Avocado salad, a perfect Summery side dish.

Want to make an all-in-one perfect chicken and veggies? Check out this gorgeous recipe from our friend Amy at What Jew Wanna Eat for Shabbat Chicken with Spring Vegetables.

spring chicken

I am a bit obsessed with the combination of lemon and za’atar on potatoes, so for yet another week I will be making my Za’atar Roasted Potatoes with an extra squeeze of lemon on top.

We are hosting a dessert party this Sunday in honor of my daughter’s first birthday (hold tight – pictures coming next week!) so I actually decided to forgo dessert this evening in favor of some fruit. I know, this is very unlike me, but after all, summer is upon us, and therefore less clothing…eek! I can skip dessert every once in awhile. As I am writing this I am questioning this decision, but hopefully I can stick with it.

But if you are looking for a perfect pareve summer dessert, look no further than this Strawberry Lemon Granita recipe, which doesn’t require any special equipment like an ice cream maker. So refreshing, sweet and simple to make!

And how could we have Shabbat without some challah!? Shabbat Shalom everyone and happy cooking!




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