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Trader Joe’s Has Everything for a Perfect Israeli Breakfast

From salad to shakshuka, they have it all.

It’s a scientific fact that Trader Joe’s is the best supermarket of all time: they have fun products, they give free samples and coffee, and the staff is the friendliest and most helpful around.

Now you can add this to the list of reasons why we love TJ’s: You can get everything you need there for a full Israeli-inspired breakfast spread. They’ve added so many Jewish, Israeli and Middle Eastern staple products over the years, and we couldn’t be happier. Let’s do this.



Yeah, I was skeptical too. But the shakshuka starter, which you can find in the freezer section, is pretty darn tasty. Add some extra cumin, harissa or red pepper flakes if you need extra oomph and crack those eggs for an easy breakfast, brunch or lunch. Or hey, shakshuka is perfect for dinner, too.


Trader Joe’s labneh is creamy, tangy and great for swooping with some bread or cut veggies.


Yemenite hot sauce, or zhug, is kind of a surprising product to carry; it doesn’t have the widespread recognition of tahini or shakshuka. But it is incredible for spice lovers! It has a good cardamom undertone, and my family loves eating it with chicken, hummus or as part of an Israeli-inspired breakfast spread. Be warned: It’s spicy!

Tahini Sauce

Trader Joe’s has carried several different kinds of tahini and tahini sauce over the years. Their herbed tahini is a bit on the thick side, but you can thin it out with a little cold water if you want it for drizzling. Add some dollops to that shakshuka, or serve it with some roasted cauliflower, and you’ll almost feel like you’re in Tel Aviv.

Israeli Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is another product that has changed a few times, but you can almost always find an Israeli feta at TJ’s. And as we know, feta makes everything betta.

Halloumi Cheese

Speaking of delicious Mediterranean cheese, Trader Joe’s has their own halloumi! You know, the “squeaky” Greek cheese you sear lightly in a pan and that gets gooey, hot and absolutely addictive.

Olives and Pickles

They might not exactly be Israeli olives or pickles, but TJ’s has got a pretty good variety. Our favorites are the kosher dill pickles, cornichons, and green and black olives.


You can’t have an Israeli-style breakfast without some kind of chopped salad: fresh tomatoes, mini cucumbers, red onion, peppers, fresh herbs — Trader Joe’s has it all. Chop chop chop, drizzle with a little olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, and you’ve got some good salad.

Fresh Bread

While Trader Joe’s does carry pita bread, its the one product I’m gonna throw a little shade at. It’s thin, and nothing like the fluffy pita you would get in Israel. Instead, I would opt for their sourdough or the par-baked baguettes, ’cause there’s nothing like warm bread to dip into shakshuka, labneh or other spreads.

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