This Year’s ‘Sandwich of the Year’ is a Philly Style Bagel with Lox

Photo from Bon Appetit 

Bon Appetit magazine just named this year’s “Sandwich of the Year”–and it’s the Classic Lox Sandwich from Philly Style Bagels. No surprise, it looks delish. Schmeared with cream cheese and layered with cucumbers, lox, and tomatoes, the Classic Lox is indeed a timeless Jewish tradition.

What makes Philly Style Bagels stand out, you might ask? Well, this bagel shop ferments the bagels in small batches, hand rolls them, and then boils in Philly’s own Yards beer and water, ensuring a malty, locally-inspired flavor. They’re baked on wooden planks in the oven and come out “smallish, pleasantly dense, and chewy…with a superior crust.”

The search for the best sandwich in America usually reflects larger food trends of the year. Last year, when Southern food was all the rage, the magazine’s winner was a biscuit sandwich with fried chicken from Biscuit Love in Nashville. This year, new spins on Ashkenazi foods are definitely “in”–not only bagels, but also babkas, bialys, pastrami, and smoked fish.

The hand-rolled, beer-boiled bagels of Philly Style Bagels are a great example of the new-school Jew-ish mashups that we’ve been drooling over all year. What’s your favorite Jewish food trend this year? Tag your photos on Instagram with #noshthis @jewishfood.

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