This is the Most Epic Falafel Waffle We’ve Ever Seen

Falafel stuffed with more falafel is a dream come true for many.

This may (or may not) be shocking, but we at the Nosher are no strangers to falafel waffles. But according to Now This Food on Facebook, there is an Israeli falafel stand actually making a pita out of falafel waffle and stuffing it with — that’s right — all the falafel fixins.

Is it falafel overload? Is it pure genius? Either way, I can’t stop watching this fluffy falafel Belgian waffle being made and stuffed with all the salad, pickles and drizzled with tahini. Sadly, it’s only being served at Falafel Belgi in Rishon LeTzion, Israel. And according to Circa, the inspiration for the “healthier” falafel dish came from their husband and wife duo.

“It’s actually a regular falafel dish, but not at all,” said Tali Shem Tov. “It doesn’t have oil inside, it’s not fried, we don’t have the pita bread.

Just watch it and drool:

Craving falafel now? Yeah, me too.

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Or make some rainbow falafel.

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Header image via Falafel Belgi on Instagram. 

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