This Cream Cheese-Filled Everything Croissant is EVERYTHING

We already know that everything is coming up…with everything seasoning these days.

But I saw a photo recently on Instagram that I just couldn’t scroll by idly: a cream cheese-filled everything croissant from one of my local New Jersey bakeries, Montclair Bread Co. And so, like the dedicated professional I am, packed up my 3-month-old and 4-year-old daughters (still in their pajamas) and drove over early on Sunday morning to check out this pastry.

everything croissant1

No surprise – it was amazing. Unique. Finger-licking good. There might have been just a tad too much cream cheese in the middle. But really – is that even a complaint? The pastry was flaky and perfect, and not only was the topping everything, but it was a spicy everything topping, which gave it just that little bit of extra oomph. I loved it. (Note to self: add some spice to everything topping!)

We might have also picked up a few fabulous donuts, which the bakery is known for (try the Nutella! and the tres leches!). In short: It was an early morning errand well worth it.

Got an “everything” craving but too far away to visit? Try your hand at my easy everything soft pretzels or some everything bagel latkes topped with dill cream cheese and smoked salmon.

Deverything croissant2

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