The Turkey Round-Up

The first time I made a turkey was actually for Passover, not Thanksgiving. Truth be told, I didn’t really know what I was doing, but got lucky enough that my turkey came out well. I marinated the turkey overnight in a mixture of fresh oranges, lemons, herbs and pomegranate juice. I googled how long to cook the turkey, and somehow, it came out juicy. I was also lucky to have someone at the dinner who knew how to carve a turkey, because I certainly did not. In fact I still don’t know how to carve a turkey.

Thankfully (get it – thankfully!?), my family takes care of roasting the turkey, and I just show up with dessert and a side dish. But for all you folks out there prepping to roast a turkey next week, we wanted to pull together some of the best tips, tricks and recipe ideas the internet has to offer in order to make your turkey roasting a little easier and a little more delicious.

turkey dinner1

Are you trying to figure out how much turkey to buy for your guests? How long to roast it? What’s the difference between fresh or frozen? Then check out 
20 Thanksgiving cooking Dilemmas Solved from

Have you decided that brining is the way you want to go to ensure a moist and flavorful turkey? Then check out 
Food and Wine’s 5 Best Brines for Thanksgiving Turkey

How do I thaw a turkey? What equipment will I need to roast? These questions answered and more from The Kitchn’s 
How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey: The Simplest, Easiest Way

Need some carving tips? Here’s a tutorial in
How to Carve a Turkey from Pop Sugar

No butter? No problem! I realize many turkey recipes call for butter, which can be frustrating when looking for cooking inspiration. But I have found replacing olive oil with butter works just fine in almost all poultry recipes, so peruse all the non-kosher recipes you like for inspiration, and then just swap out the butter for olive oil instead.

simple roast turkeyGo simple:

The Simplest Roast Turkey from Epicurious

Classic Roast Turkey from Joy of Kosher

Citrus and Herb Turkey from Martha Stewart

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast

turkey w pear and sageGo gourmet:

Roast Turkey with Pear and Sage from Adventures in Cooking

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast with Wild Rice and Cranberries from The Perfect Pantry

Roast Turkey with Pomegranate Gravy from Epicurious

Honey Roasted Turkey with Butternut-Shiitake Stuffing from Joy of Kosher

Cider Sage Gravy from Food52

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