crazy hamantaschen round-up

The Most Outrageous Hamantaschen This Year

In true Purim fashion, hamantaschen this year are out of control. They’re masquerading as tacos, pizza, ice cream sandwiches, and rice crispy treats. Some are inspired by unicorns, while others dress up as candied apples.

Here in New York, there’s one Purim trend that we’re especially on board with–savory hamantaschen. Breads Bakery, one of Manhattan’s go-to destinations for Jewish and Israeli-inspired breads and pastries, is making two savory hamantaschen (beets or potatoes and leek) this year. We can’t think of a better red wine pairing right now.

Meanwhile, Seed + Mill is partnering with an Israeli-born spice purveyor to make tahini and halvah-filled hamantaschen this year, made with a chickpea flour-sesame dough. If hummus could dress up as a cookie, it would look like this.

Go wild with these 10 over-the-top hamantaschen recipes:

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