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Rice Krispies Treats Hamantaschen

As a former chef and pastry chef I had many delicious sweet and savory treats in mind to turn into hamantaschen for this year. But I wanted to keep it simple enough to recreate in a home kitchen, yet something different to also get people excited about Purim and hamantaschen of course too.

Rice Krispies treats on a stick are always one of the most popular items I sell from my dessert company, and so it felt only natural to turn these into a Purim delight for the whole family to enjoy.

The best part about this recipe is that there is no oozing of filling, no seams of the dough breaking, and NO BAKING. This recipe may be different than your average Rice Krispies Treat since there is no fluff involved. The authentic way to make Rice Krispies Treats uses real marshmallows melted with a little butter to insure a crunchy, not too sweet and absolutely delicious dessert.


To use these in your
mishloach manot
I recommend heading to Amazing Savings or Michael’s to get some cute treat bags to store them. Include a packet of hot chocolate mix and you have yourself an easy and delicious s’mores-themed mishloach manot.



6 cups Rice Krispie

10 oz mini marshmallows – DO NOT substitute fluff.

3 Tbsp butter or margarine

Lollipop sticks

15 oz bar of semi-sweet chocolate

Sprinkles, candy or other decorative items


Grease a large bowl and the spatula you will be using. This will help avoid too much sticking.

In a microwave safe bowl melt the margarine with the marshmallows at 30 second intervals at full power. Stir after each interval. When melted, remove and pour into bowl with the Rice Krispies. Mix well until all are coated with marshmallow. Spread mixture into a greased sheet pan. Using your hands, spread mixture evenly onto pan, then press together so the Rice Krispie treats are compact. (see picture above) Allow to sit for several minutes at room temperature to cool.

Using the pictures as your guide, form the Rice Krispie treat mix into Hamantaschen shapes. Place lollipop stick into center.

Over a double broiler, melt 3/4 of a large bar (15 oz) of semi sweet chocolate. Reserve the last 1/4. Melt chocolate, stirring gently until all is melted. Take chocolate CAREFULLY off the double broiler. Be very careful not to let any water drip into chocolate. If this happens, you need to start over. Chocolate “seizes” when water gets into it. If this happens, the tempering process does not work.

Add in the remaining chocolate. Let sit in hot chocolate for 30 seconds, then stir.

Dip hamantaschen into chocolate, tap stick lightly to remove the excess chocolate. Place on parchment to let dry.

After 2 -3 dipped pops, start decorating before that chocolate sets in!

Use your favorite sprinkles, chocolate chips, oreos or candy to add your own flare.

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