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Passover Pecan Pie Bites Recipe

My little sister April and I loved to play a game called “Big Sister Little Sister.” Whoever was the big sister would make an elaborate snack for the other. The little sister also got to be the royal princess for the evening and would lounge in my parent’s bed—our magical fortress. We were not really allowed to be in my parent’s room or eat in their bed but when they were out, the house was ours and their bed was our castle. When it was my turn I would create elaborate dishes that I meticulously prepared, after all I was 9.

When it was April’s turn to make our snacks, since she was only four, she would mush a pecan between two un-pitted dates and crumple Cheerios or coconut flakes on top of it and call it pecan pie. “For you my princess,” she would say. “I made this all by myself, for you.” Many decades later this is still one of our favorite desserts as it is both sinfully sweet and delicious but still healthy. It’s also a perfect snack or sweet bite for Passover.

This recipe is excerpted from Dawn Lerman’s recent book My Fat Dad: A Memoir of Food, Love and Family with Recipes.

pecan pie bite vert


Passover Pecan Pie Bites


6 medjool dates

6 tsp of nut butter (such as almond or cashew butter)

6 crushed pecans

12 chocolate chips

Powder sugar or shredded coconut (optional)


Make a vertical split in the date and remove the pit. Fill the center of each half with a half teaspoon of nut butter.

Top with chopped pecans and chocolate chips. Sprinkle with powdered sugar or coconut flakes.

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