Hanukkah Holiday Tablescapes

A few more weeks to go, and Hanukkah is almost upon us. I am sure some people might feel uncomfortable with the Americanization of our holiday. But for me, I say when in Rome…get festive with the best of ’em.

Every year when the holiday catalogs arrive, I scour the pages for white, blue and silver decorations that could be appropriate for a Jewish celebration. And in recent years, its been great to see so many mainstream stores featuring Hanukkah themed adornments, decorative dreidels and affordable menorahs.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorite, modern takes on Hanukkah. Hope you find some creative ideas that strike your fancy!

As a fan of simple table settings, I love these bright blue votive candle holders, paired with these silver cloth napkins . I have also had my eye on these starlight pewter candleholders, or these modern silver place-card holders both of which could be paired nicely with pillar candles, and crisp linens. Some fun Hanukkah gelt wouldn’t be a bad touch either.

If you’re looking for a bit more sparkle, check out these beautiful photos and ideas from HGTV on “Hosting a Sparkling Blue and White Hanukkah Celebration.”

Apartment Therapy has some great ideas for your Modern Hanukkah Tables. And if you’d like to re-create the Martha Stewart look (and you’re not the crafty type), why not pick up this Manzanita Candelabra from West Elm.

If you are the crafty type (which I am not), these homemade Hanukhah Centerpieces from Creative Jewish Mom are simple and striking, and a great activity for a cold Sunday afternoon with cocoa.

Blowout Party has some very creative ideas not only for Fabulous Hanukkah Decor and Desserts but also for a blue and white themed Hanukkah Dessert Party, which you might try as an alternative to a more traditional latkes and apple sauce menu. And while we are on the topic of Hanukkah-themed desserts, check out these adorable Eight Nights of Lights Cupcakes – they are sure to wow your guests!

We’d love to hear about your great finds and bright ideas for how you will celebrate and decorate this Hanukkah!

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