Chinese Candied Apples for a Unique Rosh Hashanah Treat

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Feeling adventurous this year? Instead of apples and honey, you may want to try a sweet candied apple dessert from China called ‘Básī píngguǒ’ (which translates as “pulling threads apple”). It’s well-known in Beijing as a fun and festive dessert.

Basically, you fry apple slices in a cornstarch and egg-white batter, and then submerge them in hot caramel syrup. When you serve the plate of glistening, syrupy apples, have everyone pick up an apple slice with their chopsticks, and dunk it into a bowl of ice water to cool it down and set the candy coating. From what we’ve heard, biting into a cooked apple encased in a thin, crispy shell, is exquisite.

Get the recipe here, and let us know what you think!


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