Birthday Cake Macaroons Are Coming to a Grocery Store Near You

"New look. Same shtick."

If your birthday falls on Passover, you’re in luck! In an attempt to expand their products and audiences, the iconic kosher food brand The Manischewitz Co. just released several, more modern flavors of macaroons — including birthday cake, red velvet, and mint chocolate chip.

The Instagram-friendly flavor is part of the company’s recent rebranding. After 131 years of serving kosher products, Manischewitz launched a totally revamped image just in time for Passover. Packaging redesigns, a new website, and products are all part of the kosher brand’s marketing campaign. But fear not, traditionalists: While they’ve got a new look, it’s still “the same old shtick.”

“We are so excited to unveil our new brand image to our consumers,” Manischewitz President David Sugarman said in a statement. “Our new logo’s tagline, ‘Comfort Food for the Soul,’ represents our brand’s familiar place in the hearts and kitchens of the families that we serve.”

Not everyone is convinced the new branding works. Canned macaroons are perhaps the saddest kosher for Passover dessert available on the market, and for some, no amount of flavor tinkering and rebranding can make them palatable. “Haven’t our people suffered enough?” one Nosher reader asked.

That being said, if macaroons aren’t your thing, there are some other new Passover products featured in the company’s rebrand. Smooth and creamy cashew, almond, and hazelnut butters just joined the Manischewitz collection of nut butters available this matzah season, and we can’t wait to try them (no offense, birthday cake macaroons).

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