Best Jewish Delis in the South

After spotlighting some of the Best Delis in the Midwest, the natural thing to do was start daydreaming about delis of the South. We imagined menus full of Southern-Jewish mashups, quirky regulars with southern accents, and noshing outdoors in February. Whether or not this fantasy represents the reality of Jewish delis of the south, we think these hotspots will satisfy anyone’s craving for matzah ball soup and a New York-style bagel with schmear.

Stein’s Market and Deli, New Orleans

Great coffee spot @cherry_coffee_nola in New Orleans / Having a rad time in this city! #neworleans #doyourthingeverywhere

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From the looks of it, Stein’s Market and Deli is full of personality–under one roof in New Orlean’s Garden District, you’ll find the locally roasted coffee, craft beers, and dozens of top-notch sandwiches. They’re an Italian and Jewish Deli, with small-batch specialties and classics from both cuisines.

General Muir, Atlanta, GA

We recently named this one of the 5 Best New School Delis but they definitely know how to take on the old-school, as well. Here you’ll find a full-service restaurant and a deli counter that’s open all day long, stocked with great coffee, plenty of house-made bagels and sandwiches. You can’t order wrong from this team–they’re James Beard semifinalists, and their Chef was named Best of the Southeast in 2014 and 2015.

Kenny & Ziggy’s Delicatessen, Houston, TX

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This New York-style deli is run by third-generation deliman, Ziggy Gruber, who learned how to pickle, cure and smoke meat, and master Eastern European delicacies from his grandfather. Deli fanatic, David Sax of says “forget comparisons saying ‘Great for Texas’ or ‘Great for the South,’ this is one of the best in the country.” Their mouthwatering 200-item menu says it all.

Deli News Restaurant, Dallas, TX

Like many great Jewish delis, this one is known not only for its food but its quirky, colorful atmosphere. “While some customers come for the Russian and Jewish menu items, some for the atmosphere,” says their website. They serve 9 triple decker sandwiches, several news network-themed sandwiches, and classics like kishke, borscht, stuffed cabbage, knishes and blintzes.

Pomperdale New York Deli, Fort Lauderdale, FL


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You might think you’re in New York when you visit this old-school deli–some say it’s the best in Florida. They’ve been serving pastrami sandwiches, corned beef, bagels and lox for almost 50 years. This casual spot is the kind of place where you order at the counter and take your time noshing.

Lucky’s Deli, Chapel Hill, NC

Pastrami Chili w/ Rye&Molasses Cornbread! We’re serving this #comfortfood all night til 8 pm! #eatlocal #chili

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Pastrami chili with rye cornbread…need we say more? Although this place is far from kosher, it’s interesting in that it’s a perfect fusion of Southern and Jewish cuisine. One reviewer writes, “The place has the familiar feel of a Jersey deli, complete with counter ordering, and creates a pleasing amalgam of my experience and what my Italian neighbors preferred.” Standouts include fresh Italian cheeses, gravlax with labneh, brisket, and chopped liver.

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