Babka Ice Cream is The Latest Jewish Food Mashup

From Mekelburg’s Instagram.

Babka seems to be everywhere these days–it’s at Trader Joe’s, in cheesecakes, and now, it’s found it’s way into ice cream.

This newest Jewish food mashup was created by Ample Hills, a Brooklyn creamery known for its revolutionary mix-ins, like chocolate-covered saltines and matzah brittle, and funky New York-themed flavors. Babka was an obvious next step.

Not one, but two babka-studded ice cream flavors were released for the one-year anniversary of another Brooklyn foodie destination, Mekelburg’s, who makes the babka that’s featured in the ice cream. For the cinnamon babka-lovers there’s Babka Days are Here Again, a vanilla ice cream with chunks of gooey, cinnamon babka chunks throughout. Chocolate babka, flaky and rich, is featured in I Love It When You Call Me Big Babka, which has a chocolate ice cream base.

The ice cream flavors, packed with plenty of babka and homegrown spunk are named for two Brooklyn-born icons: Barbara Streisand, and Biggie Smalls (who grew up down the street from Mekelburg’s).


Photo from Mekelburg’s Facebook.

300 pints were sold over the weekend, with no clear winner between the cinnamon and chocolate flavors. What are your favorite Jewish ice cream mashups? Stay tuned for a roundup of our favorites.

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