9 Ways to Use Onion Soup Mix That Will Remind You of Your Childhood

These recipes may not be gourmet, but they are absolutely delicious.

There’s something to be said and appreciated about a scratch-made meal. But there’s also something wonderfully delicious and maybe a little sinful about opening up a salty packet of pre-mixed seasoning, adding it to some chicken, or brisket, or potatoes, and calling it a day.

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, things like onion soup mix or taco seasoning were my mom’s best friend in the kitchen. Easy, convenient and addictively delicious, that simple flavor packet could transform a meal.

What’s the secret to this brisket? Oh, onion soup mix. Wow, this dip is amazing! Oh, onion soup mix. Even recently, my Aunt Lucy made the most delicious roast potatoes. When I asked what her secret was? You guessed it: onion soup mix.

And yeah, I know it’s filled with sodium. But every once in a while, you just crave some pure, indulgent, American comfort food.

Still not convinced? Ok fine, you can make your own mix with a recipe like this. But I still say: Use that lovely, evil little packet once in a while.

Here are some favorite ways to use it:

Passover Brisket from The Pioneer Woman

Coca Cola Brisket from Leite’s Culinary

Roasted Potatoes from Lipton’s Kitchen

French Onion Chicken Drumsticks from Kids Spot

Apricot Baked Chicken from AllRecipes.com

Classic Onion Dip from Best Recipes.com

Onion Kugel

Broccoli Kugel

Onion Soup Hamburgers from Genius Kitchen

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