hamantaschen cereal recipe purim breakfast jewish
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7 Hamantaschen Recipes To Delight Your Inner Child

A Purim party in your mouth.

Classic hamantaschen filled with poppy seeds, prune or apricot will never go out of style. But at The Nosher, we’ve always embraced creative spins on this classic Purim cookie. We love hamantaschen hacks, savory twists and, above all, sprinkles – be they of the candy or everything bagel blend variety. 

Fun, glamor and celebration are central to Purim, a holiday that transports us back to the magic of childhood, when the synagogue would turn topsy-turvy with yelling, dress up and festivity. So it’s only fitting to treat this iconic Purim treat the same way. Here are seven hamantaschen recipes to delight your inner child – and your taste buds:

1. Unicorn Hamantaschen 

unicorn hamantaschen recipe fun cookies jewish purim
Photo credit Rachel Kor

These magical hamantaschen bring your childhood dreams to life, with drizzles of colorful melted chocolate, cotton candy, mini marshmallows and, of course, sprinkles. 

2. Rice Crispy Treat Hamantaschen

Photo credit Rebecca Pliner

This easy, no-bake hamantaschen recipe saves you from the pitfalls of cracked dough and leaky filling by remodeling a childhood favorite: Rice Krispies treats. Just be sure to make them the right way, with real marshmallows and a little butter, not marshmallow fluff.

3. Easy Pizza Hamantaschen

pizza hamantaschen
Photo credit Shannon Sarna

Three ingredients is all it takes to make this super easy hamantaschen recipe that could (and should) be an entire dinner. 

4. Chocolate and Sprinkles Hamantaschen

Photo credit Shannon Sarna

A classic combo for good reason, there are few desserts that can’t be improved with melted chocolate and colorful sprinkles, and hamantaschen is no exception. Bonus: You can make this dough months in advance and store it in the freezer. 

5. Pretzel Bagel Dog Hamantaschen

Photo credit Rachel Kor

If the photo alone doesn’t convince you that this recipe is the work of genius, we probably can’t be friends. These savory, sophisticated hamantaschen will knock your socks off.

6. Milk and Cereal Hamantaschen

Milk and cereal is the taste of childhood nostalgia, and these colorful hamantaschen are a delicious trip down memory lane. You can use whatever cereal you like and, pro tip, these make for adorable breakfast-themed mishloach manot alongside a bottle of OJ.

7. Hamantaschen Cereal

hamantaschen cereal recipe purim breakfast jewish
Photo credit The Wandering Chew

If you’re seeking a Purim baking project, look no further. These teeny tiny hamantaschen are the true breakfast of champions. 

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