7 Fried Party Foods for Your New Year’s Eve/Hanukkah Bash

This year, the last night of Hanukkah falls on New Year’s Eve, making for a doubly festive evening. By this time, you’ll probably be craving something other than latkes and jelly donuts. Fried kugel, fried cheese curds, and off-kilter sufganiyot might just be the perfect way to celebrate Hanukkah while ringing in the New Year.

Like most fried foods, these appetizers are definitely meant for sharing and noshing. You can make several of them ahead of time, but the fried cheese curds are best served warm! They go perfectly with champagne or this cranberry-orange Moscato Punch.

Fried Kugel Balls

Fried Cheese Curds and Mini Latkes 

Brisket-Stuffed Papas Rellenas

Schnitzel Strips with Green Tahini Dip

Savory Manchego and Quince Turnovers

Deviled Eggs with Schmaltz and Gribenes (deep fried chicken skins)

Milky Way Stuffed Donut Holes from Sheri Silver at Babble


Keep on Noshing

How to Make Fried Kugel

If a fried macaroni and cheese ball met a zeppoli and then converted to Judaism, their baby would be one of these fried kugel balls.

Why Do We Eat Jelly Donuts on Hanukkah?

The answer has everything to do with agriculture, food politics and -- of course -- tastebuds.

Why Do We Eat Latkes on Hanukkah?

These delicious pancakes celebrate the miracle of the oil — but potatoes are a relatively newfangled tradition.