24 Hummus Recipes to Celebrate National Hummus Day

It’s National Hummus Day, a holiday we can truly get behind. We know these silly food holidays are just that – kind of silly. But we love taking the opportunity to celebrate our favorite foods, and hummus is definitely top of the list.

Hummus seems to have become a universal food. What was once a purely Middle Eastern food now appears in every grocery store and bodega. Kids love it, it’s considered pretty healthy depending on the ingredients and methods and you can make it nearly a million ways. Or in this case, twenty four different ways.

What’s your favorite kind of hummus to make or buy?


Classic hummus

Roasted garlic hummus

Basil pesto hummus from She Wears Many Hats

Sun dried tomato basil hummus from Cooking Classy

Everything bagel hummus from With Salt and with Wit

Avocado hummus from Jennifer Meyering

Pumpkin hummus from Kim’s Cravings

Black bean hummus

Lima bean hummus with peanuts

Thai coconut curry hummus from A Spicy Perspective

Roasted carrot and garlic hummus from Kristine’s Kitchen

Olive humus from Contentedness Cooking

Cool ranch hummus from Chocolate Covered Katie

Chipotle lime hummus from Cooking Classy

Caramelized onion hummus from Kim’s Cravings

Butternut squash hummus from Minimalist Baker

Cajun hummus from Connoisseur Veg

Cucumber dill hummus from Ingenious Cooking

Dill pickle hummus from Turnip the Oven

Indian curry hummus from Connoisseur Veg

Super green goddess hummus from Hapa Nom Nom

Feta cheese avocado hummus from Diethood

Artichoke hummus from Feed Me Phoebe

Forty clove hummus from The View from Great Island


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