19 Superbowl Snacks Perfect for Noshing

If you are anything like me, you have no idea who is playing in the Super Bowl. Yet again. But you probably have a good idea what you are going to be making for the party, right?

Whether or not you watch the game, football-watching snacks are so much fun – an excuse to break out all those indulgent treats you would otherwise never dream of serving. And for those of you who haven’t planned a menu yet, here are 19 top snack choices with a bit of a Jewish twist.

challah dogs horiz

Meat snacks:

Challah wrapped hot dogs

Buffalo chicken wings with non-dairy ranch dip

Brisket empanadas

Reuben topped French fries

Brisket stuffed papas rellenas

Pulled brisket sliders

Pulled brisket topped latkes

Schnitzel chicken strips with green tahini dip

schnitzel sticks w green tahini


Pareve (non-dairy) snacks:

Za’atar roasted cashews from The View from Great Island

Mashed potato burekas

Baked potato chips from Spices and Spatulas

Everything bagel hummus from With Salt and Wit

Everything bagel hummus

Dairy snacks:

Cheesy garlic biscuit bites

Mediterranean nachos from The Little Ferraro Kitchen

Potato kugel pizza from Kveller.com

Sweet fried noodle kugel balls from Kveller.com

Cheesy horseradish bourbon dip from What Jew Wanna Eat

Fried olives from The View from Great Island

Mac and cheese latkes from Tales of an Overtime Cook

mac and cheese latkes overtime cook

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