Own It.

A group of incredible HereNow teens started the Own It movement this summer and can’t wait to start sharing more with you all. ​We partnered with Melissa Frey from the URJ Kutz Camp and the amazing teen community there to create this prayer/meditation/way of life called “Own it.” Owning It is about loving who you are in this moment. It’s about knowing that you can hold struggle and self-love at the same time. It’s about acknowledging that you are doing your best and at the same time, that you can always be growing. When you embrace what makes you uniquely you, you are Owning It.

#OwnIt  ​​

For the times I totally mess up, get it wrong, or miss the mark,
אני לוקח/ת אחריות.
Ani lo-kach/at ach-rayut. I take responsibility.

For the moments I feel that I don’t belong in my own skin,
אני נברא/ה בצלם אלוהם.
Ani nivra/a b’tzelem Elohim. I am created in the image of God.

For the days I feel broken, and wonder how the pieces will ever fit back together,
אני שלמ/ה.
Ani shalem/shlemah. I am whole.

For the nights I look up at the stars and question my own place in the universe,
אני שייכ/ת.
Ani shayach/sha-yechet. I belong.

For the moments of self-doubt, self-deprecation, or self-harm,
אני ראוי/ה.
Ani reuy/ah. I am worthy.

For the roles and titles, I have inherited and chosen,
אני צריכ/ה.
Ani tzrich/a. I am needed.

For all of my accomplishments and times, I paved the way for others,
אני עשיתי את זה.
Ani asi-ti et zeh. I did this.

For the people I have chosen to surround myself with,
אני מבורכ/ת.
Ani m’vorach/at. I am blessed.

For all of the goodness and all of the blessings,
אני ראוי/ה לזה.
Ani reuy/ah l’zeh. I deserve this.

For all I am – for all that I have ever been, for who I am in this moment, and who I strive to be,
קבלה עצמית.
Kabalah atzmit. I own it.


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