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Five Ways to Deal with Stress During the College Admission Process

You are sitting behind the cold desk, hearing the clock tick down the seconds as you stare down at your paper. You’re sweating bullets and the words just float out of your brain. You cannot focus and every 5 seconds you see how time has passed. Seem familiar? Or maybe when you are taking a test and the stuff you already know just slips out of your mind. It happens to everyone, no matter how much you study, your brain focuses on one thing. STRESS. The stress of the SAT, the stress of the college process, and the stress of getting into your dream school all pile in at the worst times. The stress of expectations is a big one! The stress of meeting your parents’ expectations, the stress of doing as good or better than your siblings, the stress of being the pride and joy of the family, not the black sheep. But have no fear because we are here to help. As you continue to read this article, you will learn about different ways to destress as you engage in the college process.

Five ways to deal with stress throughout the college process 

  1. Get adequate sleep 
  • It’s important to stay well-rested when something is going on in your life. Having a well-rested brain will help you get through the stressful days.
  1. Try breathing techniques 
  • Staying calm throughout this whole process is key. Having a coping method through breathing can help when things get tough. Download an app called Mindfulness which will help with breathing exercises.
  1. Don’t talk about the process all the time 
  • Talking about the process constantly will make you crazy. Yes, it’s something important going on in your life right now, but there is other stuff to talk about besides college. Plus it’s annoying for those around you to hear that talk 24/7.
  1. Do your best to not compare yourself to others 
  • This goes with not talking about it as well. Many of your peers are going through this process and it is different for everyone. Comparing yourself to other people will only get you more stressed out when everything works out the way it’s supposed to in the end.
  1. Make time for yourself 
  • This is easily one of the hardest and most overwhelming things a kid goes through in their life. Making time for yourself throughout all of this is crucial. In the time you do make for yourself you can watch TV, read a book, take a walk, or hang out with friends.

These 5 tips are definitely something one going through the college process should take into consideration. It’s important to learn skills about how to work through the many emotions you may have during this time. There are many social pressures when it comes to applying to college and teens feel the need to live up to them. One thing to remember is that everyone goes through this and in the end they end up at the college that is best for them! 

Stress is something most people will experience a lot throughout their lifetime. It is a very normal thing. There are many ways to help with and relieve stress which are mentioned in this article including breathing techniques, getting a good amount of sleep, as well as making time for yourself. There are many more techniques that can help stress but everybody is different. This means that everybody handles stress differently and needs different techniques to help them get through it. The college process is a big stressor. People, specifically students, need to remember that it is totally normal to be stressed by this. So many people are in the same boat as them. Learning how to deal with stress and push through will help them become successful throughout this process, college and life. This is why learning techniques and ways to handle your stress is so crucial. Remember the tips above to help you combat stress.

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