Summertime Sangria

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After a short hiatus while giving birth to a healthy baby girl, I am so happy to be back writing about food (and drinks) again! And since its been more than 10 months since I’ve had the chance to enjoy some alcohol I thought what better to write about for my first post back other than my favorite summertime drink: sangria, or as my friends have started calling it “Shan-gria.”

Sangria is easy to make and can be improvised either from whatever fruit and wine you have in the house, or whatever fruit is in season and strikes your fancy.  While I love making sangria year round, my favorite time of year for sangria is definitely summertime when I am already hankering for something refreshing and fruity, and when berries and peaches are in season – my favorite ingredients for sangria!

The most common question I get about making sangria is: “What wine should I use?!?”

The truth is you can really use any wine that you like, but lighter wines, both red or white, are typically better for the base of sangria. I don’t normally suggest using Moscato wine but if you already like sweet wine then go ahead and indulge with the Bartenura Moscato as a sweet, bubbly sangria base. Looking for something more traditional and dry? Try the Baron Herzog Pinot Grigio instead.

You can substitute red wine or even a rosé for the white wine in the recipe below. Also try improvising on different combinations of fruit depending on what is fresh.

Happy summertime drinking!

Posted on June 18, 2012
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