Shabbat Recipe Roundup

I’ve never made water challah myself, but I’ve heard from friends and foodies alike how good it is – even without eggs! That’s why I got excited when I saw this scrumptious looking recipe for Water Challah with Cinnamon Streusel from Classically Kosher.

Another great recipe that caught my eye this week is for Potatoes, Corn and Avocado with Horseradish Dressing. What a great summer side dish – and no dairy necessary!

I can’t get enough of sweet summer zucchini grilled and dressed simply with olive oil and salt. But if you’re looking for a side dish that takes the summer squash up a notch you might like this Couscous Salad with Zucchini and Roasted Almonds.

When I can’t figure out what main dish to make I usually turn to my tried-and-true Best Roast Chicken with citrus and fresh herbs. It always comes out juicy, flavorful and with just the right amount of crispy skin to munch on.

And what better way to end a summery Shabbat meal than with an Israeli inspired Frozen Limonana from The Shiksa. I can’t wait to try this!

Happy cooking and Shabbat Shalom!



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