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Margaritas With a Twist

2-3 servings

As promised yesterday, today’s post is also a celebration of Cinco de Mayo and all of the many blessings Mexico has brought us. For example, tequila. Don’t get me wrong–for a chef, my alcohol palate is pretty limited and unsophisticated. But I do like tequila, especially in the form of a margarita. And what I’ve learned recently is that margaritas are much easier and cheaper to make at home. If you’re as much of a beginner at mixology as I am, I recommend reading Serious Eats’ extensive guide to all things tequila.

When I realized I would start blogging here at The Nosher during the first week of May, the first thing I did–seriously–was email a few friends to invite them over for a margarita tasting. I had no idea how into it they would get. In my email, I suggested we might do a few more “non-traditional” flavors, like pineapple-jalapeno, and the next thing I knew, my inbox was packed with ideas for Jewish (okay, Ashkenazi) flavored drinks–tzimmes, rugelach, and latke, to name a few.

After a lot of tinkering and laughing (and, of course, eating a great Mexican-themed meal) we came up with two drinks I’m confident you’ll want to try. The first has the making of a great dessert margarita–sweet and smooth. If you’re in the mood for something a bit more adventurous, try the Passover-inspired margarita below. Don’t be afraid–this thing is seriously good.

Sweet New Year Margarita

Posted on May 4, 2012

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