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Hanukkah 2012 Gift Guide

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The High Holidays are over and Thanksgiving is around the corner. That can only mean one thing here at MyJewishLearning: We’re thinking about the very fun (and very American) tradition of Hanukkah gift-giving!

Here’s a handy tour through our staff’s top picks from our new Hanukkah Store, handily divided into categories.

Hanukkah 101

First things first: Menorahs! Whether you prefer ultramodern or ultra-traditional, the MJL Hanukkah Store has a menorah for you. Here are four of our top picks, in materials ranging from wood to copper to cement, from the beautiful blue one below to the handy travel menorah you can fold up and throw in your tote bag on your way out of town:

Yair Emmanuel Menorah

Yair Emanuel Menorah with Temple Design, $95

Travel Menorah

Yair Emanuel Folding Menorah, $39

CeMMent Design Menorah

CeMMent Design Menorah, $455

Copper Chabad-Style Menorah

Copper Chabad-Style Menorah, $115

Hanukkah Accessories

But menorahs are only the first step. What candles will you light? What dreidels will you spin? And why can you never find a kippah when you need one? We’ve got you covered. Here our four of our favorite Hanukkah accessories. We particularly love the gorgeous Safed candles, the Bezalel Art School dreidel, and how reasonably priced the kippot are. You can stock up for your whole family!

Beeswax Safed Candles

Beeswax Safed Candles, $8

Knitted Kippah

Blue & White Knitted Kippah, $17

Noah’s Ark Dreidel

Yair Emanuel Noah’s Ark Dreidel, $17

Pewter Dreidel

Pewter Dreidel, Bezalel Art School Design, $65

For Children
Perhaps you, like many of us, do most of your Hanukkah shopping for kids. Check out our fully stocked children’s page, and consider our top picks, from the gorgeous wooden camel puzzles, which function as decor as much as toys, to the wildly popular personalizable name necklaces, an interactive songbook, and more:

Wooden Camel Puzzle

Yair Emanuel Wooden Camel Puzzle, $33

Noah’s Ark Tzedakah Box

Yair Emanuel Noah’s Ark Tzedakah Box, $30

Hebrew Name Necklace

Customized Hebrew Name Necklace, $39

Interactive Hebrew Songbook

Children’s Interactive Hebrew Songbook, $49

For the Home:

Hanukkah can also be a great time to doll up your home, and from Israeli art and handicrafts to challah covers, from hamsas to mezuzahs, it was hard to choose just four. But our favorite may just be the Sterling Silver Crepe Shabbat Candlesticks–we love their textured, organic feel:

Silver Crepe Shabbat Candlesticks

Sterling Silver Crepe Shabbat Candlesticks, $106

Embroidered Challah Cover

Yair Emanuel Embroidered Challah Cover, $26

Engraved Jerusalem Wine Fountain

Engraved Jerusalem Wine Fountain, $170

CeMMent Hamsa Wall Hanging

CeMMent Designs Hamsa Wall Hanging, $90

For Mom:

And if you’re looking to buy something for a special lady (yourself?), we have hundreds of possibilities, from brooches to tallitot to handbags. Here are our editors’ favorite four. (Two of us are already sporting the peacock earrings!):

Silver Pomegranate Necklace

Silver Pomegranate Necklace, $220

Silver Peacock Feather Earrings

Silver Peacock Feather Earrings, $179

Hand-painted Tallit

Yair Emanuel Hand-painted Tallit, $135

Hand-Painted Silk Scarf

Yair Emanuel Hand-Painted Silk Scarf, $30

For Dad:

Is it just us, or can men can be really hard to shop for? We’ve tried to help you narrow it down. In addition to accessories like tie clips and cufflinks, we’re also offering a full line of teffilin and Star of David necklaces, and more. (And check out that sterling silver USB drive!):

Silver-Plated Cufflinks with First Century Inscription

Silver-Plated Cufflinks with First Century Inscription, $76

Yair Emanuel Tallit Set

Yair Emanuel Tallit Set, $169

Hebrew Traveler’s Prayer Pens

Hebrew Traveler’s Prayer Pens, $15

Sterling silver flash drive

2-Gigabyte Sterling Silver and Diamond Star-of-David Flash Drive, $235

For the Host:

Last but not least, the question that can have you second-guessing yourself for days: What on earth do you give to your host? Olive oil from Israel would make a memorable, not to mention useful, gift, and the decorative items are unique enough to use as artwork, but neutral enough to work in anyone’s home. Here are four great options:

Zeta Virgin Olive Oil

Zeta Virgin Olive Oil, $18

Armenian-Style Blessing for the Home

Armenian-Style Blessing for the Home, $10

Jerusalem Matchbox Holder

Stone Matchbox Holder with Jerusalem Plaque, $16

Jerusalem Stone Paperweight

Twelve Tribes and Menorah Stone Paperweight, $35


We hope you enjoy the selection as much as we do! The MJL store has literally thousands of items for holidays and any time of year, and MyJewishLearning, Inc., a non-profit organization, receives a percentage of the proceeds of any gift you buy.

Happy shopping, and happy Hanukkah to you and yours!


Posted on November 14, 2012

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