Yes, You Can Have Hummus for Dessert Now

Photo by Delighted by Hummus

Chocolate hummus sounds a little crazy, but before you wrinkle your nose, you should know a few things: (1) there’s no garlic, cumin, olive oil, or lemon juice, so it’s definitely not savory (2) it looks like hummus in texture, but it tastes like frosting. Just swap out the garlic and lemon for something sweet, like dates, maple syrup, chocolate chips, and/or cocoa powder. Sounds a little more palatable, doesn’t it?

While food bloggers have been making sweet hummus for a few years now, Refinery 29 reports that Delighted By Hummus is the first company to market it. They make four indulgent flavors: orange ginger hummus, snickerdoodle hummus, brownie batter hummus, and chocolate chip hummus, which you can find in east coast grocery stores.

Although their hummus contains a small amount of turbinado sugar, they’re far healthier than your typical frosting or ganache.

honestly nourished dessert hummusPhoto by Honestly Nourished

Wondering how on earth this trend got started? If you’ve done some gluten-free and vegan baking recently, chances are you’ve come across chickpea brownies or blondies. The brownie batter for these treats is entirely as good as the final product, and we have a hunch that recipes like these inspired this latest hummus trend.

If you’re still not sure how, and under which conditions to nosh on dessert hummus, we think it would be great with breakfast–perhaps in a breakfast parfait, or spread on toast. It’s also an obvious option for dessert, perhaps paired with slices of apple and strawberries, or with graham crackers and pretzels.

You can try your hand at dessert hummus with the recipes below. Let us know how it goes, and whether you think this is the next biggest food trend by tagging your photos on instagram or facebook with #noshthis

Sweet-Potato-Pie-Dessert-Hummus-7492Photo by Love and Zest

Sweet Potato Pie Dessert Hummus by Love and Zest (above)
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Hummus
by Knead to Cook
Crazy-Good Chocolate Hummus Spread by Honestly Nourished (photo above, in middle of article)


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