Yeastie Boys Roll Out Legit Bagels in L.A.

Finally, the wait is over for a place where you can sit down and linger over your hand-rolled, flavorful and fluffy New York-style bagel and coffee in L.A.: The Yeastie Boys bagel truck just landed space in a brick-and-mortar shop called Alfred in the Alley, a coffee shop in West Hollywood. West Coast bagel aficionados might just be satisfied.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.01.43 PM

The self-proclaimed #BagelLords have been fighting for the right to bagel for a few years now, setting up shop on corners throughout the city. They’re known for their signature fluffy bagels, which they’ve hand rolled, proofed, and boiled in true, old-school New York fashion since day one. Their sandwiches are filled with new-school flavors, like beer cheese and jalapeno schmear, sun-dried tomato spread, or Nutella and bananas.

Owner Evan Fox, a New York native, set up his bagel shop after moving to L.A. The LAist reports that Fox was dissatisfied with the bagel scene there: “There were a couple of spots in town that were OK but nothing really compared to what I had [in New York]… How did they miss this in L.A.? There are so many Jews here and that’s my premier food growing up as a Jewish boy.”

Despite his claim that L.A. just doesn’t have the right kind of water for making bagels (it’s too hard), Fox has overcome such obstacles. They make five kinds: plain, poppy, cheddar, sesame, and everything.

the yeastie boys

Their new cafe features more gourmet sandwich options, like butternut squash spread, olive tapenade, and chipotle cream cheese, along with some NY-area favorites like (not-so-kosher) Taylor ham and Alaskan smoked salmon.

Are you drooling yet? Make this your next destination if you’re in L.A., and if you’re happily munching bagels elsewhere, share your favorite spots below!

(All photos are from their website or Instagram account)

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