What To Do With Leftover Potatoes from Hanukkah

If you're left with a ton of potatoes post-Hanukkah, don't fret.

Did you get a little overly zealous buying potatoes at Costco in preparation for Hanukkah? Yeah, we know a few people just like you.

If you’re left with a ton of potatoes post-Hanukkah, don’t fret. You can still put those spuds to good use. First of all, the potatoes will keep for several weeks if you have a cool, dark place to store them, like a basement. But if not, here are a few recipes to try:

Classic potato kugel – make a batch (or 2) and freeze it for a rainy day

Horseradish mashed potatoes

Tahini mashed potatoes

Mashed potato burekas

Potato salad with poached egg

Roasted potato and leek soup with jalapeno oil

Brisket-stuffed potato balls

Chili fries with creamy avocado sauce

Pastrami tater tots

Reuben French fries

Keep on Noshing

Hanukkah Brunch

Latkes for breakfast!

What is a Latke?

Pronounced either lot-key or lot-kuh, the origin of the word is Yiddish and means something along the lines of "little oily thing."

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