What Dad Really Wants This Year: A Pastrami Subscription

Forget the tie this year — send deli meat instead.

It’s that time of year again: almost Father’s Day. A made-up American holiday where you are forced to think of a creative gift for your husband/dad/father-in-law/grandpa/uncle, etc.

Well, look no further: Your dad wants pastrami. And Katz’s will send it to him.

Last week, NYC’s famous Katz’s deli announced they are launching a subscription program, so no matter where you are in the country, you can still enjoy their pastrami and other famous foods on a regular basis… orgasm not included.

The way it works: Each month the subscriber will receive a full meal for 4-6 people, and it will include different foods each month based on the season, though all are heavy on the meat. It costs $150 per month and subscriptions can be purchased in 3-month increments or the full year. You can read more or go ahead and order on their website.

I can’t think of a parent around (ahem, like me) who wouldn’t love a box of meat every month.

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