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We Found the Best Black And White Cookie-Inspired Treats You Can Buy

From ice cream to coffee, these products are for the black and white cookie lovers.

You know them well. The soft and delectable black and white cookies, also known as half-moon cookies, are as quintessential to Jewish delis as a good corned beef sandwich or Dr. Brown’s cel-ray soda. Recently, black and white cookies have been having a real moment; a renaissance if you will. They are making waves as the trendy new dessert in everything from ice cream to popcorn. Here are our picks for some of the ultimate black and white cookie-inspired treats you need to get your hands on.

Häagen-Dazs’s Black & White Cookie Ice Cream

Inspired by the New York classic, this vanilla bean ice cream made by Häagen-Dazs is mixed with soft cookie pieces and ripples of chocolate frosting. It is everything our deli-loving hearts could ask for.

Empire Coffee Roaster’s Black and White Cookie Coffee

For all the coffee addicts out there (guilty), New York’s Empire Coffee Roasters has made a coffee flavor inspired by their fondness of the beloved cookie. Each sip will bring a sweet coziness, totally changing your morning coffee game.

Sweet Chaos’s Black and White Sugar Cookie Popcorn

Black and white cookie popcorn: a revelation. Thanks to Sweet Chaos, you will never again have to decide between salty, sweet or Jewish during a Netflix binge. 

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