This Miami Jewish Baker Is Now Opening Up a Deli

Have you heard of the Zak the Baker yet? Well, if you haven’t heard of his extraordinary breads and cafe in Miami, you may soon hear about his deli and old-world classics like p’tcha because his cafe is set to transform into a classic Jewish deli sometime in the near future.

According to both Miami New Times and, Zak and his team are in the process of researching recipes that will keep classic Jewish dishes like yapchik (a kugel and flanken dish), gribenes and yerushalmi kugel (Jerusalem kugel) alive — a trend we have seen throughout the United States, demonstrated by the new-ish Jewish delis that have opened in Boston, San Francisco, DC and numerous other cities. It might be said that Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz were the catalysts for this popular trend of reclaiming classic Jewish dishes and keeping them alive and vibrant when they launched The Gefilteria almost five years ago.

No specific timeline has been set, but we look forward to hearing more soon and then booking our flights to Miami. In the meantime, we’ll continue drooling over their beautiful creations via instagram and you should too.

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