Old World Challah from a New School Baker

We always love a good challah story, and here’s one that comes from Miami: Zak Stern, owner of Zak The Baker, was recently featured by Munchies, Vice’s food blog.

This challah-studded article depicts the highs and lows of building a kosher bakery from the ground up. Zak, who grew up in a secular, suburban household, was suddenly drawn at the age of 22, to farming, building, baking, and eventually, Judaism.

He explains a little bit about his spiritual growth: “What really drew me to it is the tradition. I’m charmed by traditional craftsmanship in bread and cheese, so it makes sense, right?”

Cheese and challah…now that’s not a bad idea! Shabbat shalom!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 10.39.41 AM

All photos from Zak the Baker’s Instagram.

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