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This Famous Actress’ Husband Proposed With Bagels and Champagne

No wonder she said “yes.”

We all know that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, especially if that person is Jewish. But British Jewish actress Bel Powley recently reinforced the truth in that adage in the most heartwarming and delicious way possible.

Last week, Vogue published a feature on the “A Small Light” actress’ October wedding to actor Douglas Booth, which included the story of how he proposed. Hint: After meeting on the set of “Mary Shelley” in 2016, the couple got engaged in July 2021 in Primrose Hill, with a little help from London’s original Jewish deli

“[Douglas] set up a picnic with all my favorite foods from Panzer’s Deli — bagels, smoked salmon, chopped herring, egg mayonnaise and caviar,” Bel explained to Vogue. She added, “We drank Champagne and Bloody Marys, then he took my family and best friend to dinner at the Ivy. I couldn’t stop crying!”

For those unaware, Panzer’s Deli was founded in 1944 by Austrian refugee Mr. Panzer and Czech refugee Walter Vogl. Since then, the Jewish delicatessen has become renowned for its bagels and lox and salt beef.

Yum – no wonder Bel said yes!

The nod to Bel’s Jewishness in Douglas’ proposal continued on into the wedding, which featured the traditional Jewish wedding canopy.

“I’m Jewish, and although I’m not religious, I wanted to honor my heritage, so we were married under a chuppah,” Bel said of the chuppah, which was pink, embroidered with an Emily Dickinson quotation and adorned with pink and red dahlias. 

As for the wedding menu, the food wasn’t kosher or Jewish cuisine, but it was nonetheless delish. Douglas and Bel held their rehearsal dinner at Café Cecilia, a neighborhood bistro from chef Max Rocha. Their after-ceremony luncheon was catered by the restaurant at Petersham Nurseries, where the ceremony was held.

Later, at the party, Bel, Douglas and their guests drank cosmopolitans, Tom Collinses, and Moët & Chandon Champagne, and Bel’s sister, co-owner of Burnt Restaurant in London, provided the chocolate Guinness wedding cake.

Mazel tov, Bel and Douglas! May you have many years together filled with the most scrumptious food.

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