This Babka Ice Cream Sandwich is the Most Epic Jewish Dessert for Summer

photo courtesy of Russ and Daughters, as seen on The Gothamist

Babka transitions into summer this year, lovingly sandwiching a scoop of ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but home made chocolate babka-studded ice cream. This definitive Jewish ice cream sandwich is made by none other than Russ and Daughters in New York City.

Frozen babka ice cream sandwiches are so epic that Russ and Daughters Cafe serves them year-round. They began serving their ice cream sandwich in December and now you can order it at their famous deli counter. As New Yorkers search for creative ways to beat the heat, this frozen babka ice cream sandwich has been all the more popular.

Russ and Daughters are not the only ones to put babka and ice cream together. Brooklyn’s Meckelberg’s and Ample Hills Creamery came out with two babka ice cream flavors earlier this summer, one of which was named after Barbra Streisand and called “Babka Days are Here Again.”

You can find a babka ice cream sandwich in D.C., too, made by On Rye, a Jewish food pop-up (with a restaurant in the works!). Baseball fans can watch the Nationals while noshing on locally-made frozen babka sandwiches, reports the Jewish Food Experience. If that’s a way to watch baseball, I’m in.

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photo from On Rye’s instagram

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