These Bloody Marys Have a Delicious Jewish Twist

It's a cocktail and a meal all in one.

If you do a quick search on Instagram or Pinterest for “Bloody Mary,” it may shock (and delight) you to know how many outrageous, over-the-top fried chicken, hamburger, and shrimp cocktail topped Bloody Mary varieties are out there. I’ve seen the classic brunch drink topped with entire grilled cheese sandwiches, mile-high seafood towers, and every pickled vegetable under the sun.

But there’s also some pretty tasty-looking, Jewish-inspired Bloody Mary recipes to try if you’re a fan of the salty, spiked drink. Which I am.


Bagels and Lox Topped Bloody Mary

Served at Arthur’s, Montreal


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Arthur’s in Montreal is serving up everything from breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal to schnitzel and grilled cheese on challah bread. But on the weekends, they are serving up the “Bloody Caesar,” a Bloody Mary drink topped with the most Jewish of all Sunday brunches: a mini bagel and lox. Should be easy enough to recreate this masterpiece at home, or just head to Montreal for one of these delicious drinks.

Smoked Fish Topped Bloody Mary

Served at The Cove in Leland, Michigan


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Last year, Lisa Keys, the editor of our partner site, Kveller, stumbled into The Cove while vacationing in her native Michigan where she encountered an epic Bloody Mary topped with an entire smoked chub fish. That’s right, appetizing meets Bloody Mary with this perfect brunch cocktail.

Dill Pickle Bloody Mary

Recipe from The Worktop

It doesn’t get more classic than dill pickles and Bloody Mary mix — but this recipe from The Worktop takes the dill pickle flavor up a notch with dill pickle-flavored vodka, too. Top yours with as many pickled products you can find and it’s like a meal + cocktail all in one. Plus pickles are great for digestion, so you’re basically eating and drinking healthy with this combo.

Harissa Bloody Mary

Recipe from NY Shuk

We love this recipe for a North African-inspired Bloody Mary from NY Shuk that not only includes harissa, but also preserved lemons, another classic North African ingredient which adds tang and brightness. Make it at home anytime with this recipe.

The Bloody Miriam

Recipe from Spoon University

This Passover-inspired cocktail chooses the popular Middle Eastern spirit Arak over classic vodka and incorporates several seder flavors into the mix: a parsley and salt rim, horseradish, and even some harissa for extra spice and North African flare. Plus, you can’t beat a funny, punny name.

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