These 7 Bakeries Will Ship Hamantaschen Directly to You

Send a Purim treat to anyone in the U.S.

It’s always a great year to bake hamantaschen and share them with friends and family. But of course, this isn’t a normal year, and it may be harder to find the time to bake hamantaschen because your kids are home doing remote school; or you are worried about getting the packages out in time; or maybe you just want to share a little extra sweet cookie deliciousness with people you love who are far away. Whatever the reason, here are a bunch of wonderful bakeries from around the United States that will ship hamantaschen for you. Bonus: Your kitchen will remain mess-free. Win, win.

Three Brothers Bakery

Three Brothers Bakery is an absolute gem, and the best hamantaschen that I have personally ever tasted. Based in Houston, TX, they are a family-run business dating back to before the Holocaust (read more about the family history here). You can order a package of traditional hamantaschen or try their s’mores hamantaschen. You might want to order some extra goodies while you are on their site. To order visit their website.

Breads Bakery

Photo credit Ashley Solter

Each year Breads Bakery, based in New York City, comes up with brand-new flavors of hamantaschen to keep us excited. And this year is no different: their apple pie hamantachen are a bite of heaven. They also have chocolate, poppy, halva, and pizza. And new this year will be their weekly rotating flavors, which include matcha, coconut-lime, and chai, just to name a few. You can order pick up or delivery if you’re in New York City, or you can have them delivered anywhere in the U.S. via Goldbelly. To order visit Goldbelly.

Ricki’s Cookies

Based in Memphis, TN, this family bakery is beloved by locals. In fact, I have been hearing about Ricki’s Cookies for nearly 15 years from a friend who was raised in Memphis. You can order a mixed assortment of fruit hamantaschen or choose a whole package of just one jam. This bakery is kosher. To order visit their website.

William Greenberg Desserts

You can order hamantaschen — and a slew of other treats — from this iconic New York bakery via Goldbelly. They’re kosher, a New York favorite, and you can send them anywhere in the U.S.! To order visit Goldbelly. doesn’t just have kosher hamantaschen, and you can have them shipped anywhere. They have beautiful, drool-worthy chocolate-dipped hamamtaschen packages with rainbow chips and peppermint, among other festive flavors. They also have all the standards, like apricot, raspberry, and poppy seed for those of you who don’t like fun are purists. To order visit their website.

Sunflower Bakery

This Maryland-based nonprofit bakery isn’t just baking up delicious kosher sweets shipped straight to your door: They are also doing important community work. Their mission is to provide training and job skills to adults 18+ who have learning differences. And since tzedekah is also an important part of Purim, you can give some hamantaschen that have a little extra meaning. They have a huge selection of hamantaschen flavors including cookie dough, coco-caramel, and even gluten-free hamantaschen! To order visit their website.


Everyone’s favorite Michigan bakery will send you a package of mixed hamantaschen including vanilla bean, poppy, and apricot. Want to boo Haman? For a little extra, you can get some groggers, too. To order visit their website

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