The Michelin Star Chef Who Opened a Kosher Taco Truck

What happens when Jewish food meets street tacos and Michelin-star cooking techniques.

You don’t usually hear the phrases “kosher food,” “taco truck” and “Michelin Star” in the same sentence. But that’s exactly what Chefs Matthew Sieger and Rikki Garcia are doing: using their Michelin Star restaurant experience to bring kosher tacos and other Mexican-Jewish specialties to the streets of Los Angeles.

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with the married duo on their truck, Holy Frijoles, and learning a bit about their vast restaurant experience, expert techniques and unique recipes: Reuben tacos stuffed with corned beef that takes a week to make; brisket-topped sopes (an open-faced corn shell topped with meat or vegetables) made with locally-sourced masa (corn meal); and my favorite the “bubbuelita,” a chicken soup with matzah balls, chicken albondigas (meatballs) topped with a spicy salsa, cilantro and lime.

Chef Sieger was even generous enough to share his secret to the perfect potato latkes — but you will have to watch the video to learn more.

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