The 6 Best Jewish Foods to Name Your Cat

Adorable felines with delicious names.

We gave you the best Jewish foods to name your dog, and now it’s time to talk about naming your cat. Cat names aren’t as challenging as dog names for a few reasons: with dogs, you need a “commanding consonant,” whereas with cats there’s a good chance they’re never going to respond to your commands anyway.

According to PetMD, “One of the most popular ways to pick a cat name is to delve into your past.” While we’re not sure how naming a cat “Kitty” (yes, this is a super popular cat name) delves into your past, we will take this advice to heart. What better way to embrace this weird concept of connecting your past to your cat’s name than naming your cat after a Jewish food? Here are some ideas.

1. Challah

Sometimes, just sometimes, cats look like loaves of bread. They sit with their legs tucked under them, and magically, become a loaf.

There’s a whole reddit subreddit dedicated to “Catloaf” images, and in there (of course), we found a challah cat:


Here’s a cat that looks like a marbled rye challah loaf:

What’s better than your cat looking like challah? Naming your cat challah.

2. Matzah Ball / Matzah

While it was on our list for dog names (we argued it works when your dog “legitimately looks like a matzah ball“), it honestly makes more sense as a cat name. It checks off a few boxes: connection to the past (you’ll think of your grandma’s matzah ball soup), cutesy, and unique.

when #matzoballthecat was just a tiny little bean sprout 😻🌱

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Plus, cats curl up into balls and you can look at your cat and think, “Aww, Matzah Ball is sleeping in a ball!”

Is it Friday yet? Ugh😒 #catproblems

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Also, according to the Internet, cats like matzah balls:

3. Brisket

Brisket is an adorable internet personality cat that inspired the inclusion of the name Brisket on this list.

But there are so many cats named Brisket on Instagram (@briskethefuckingcat, @brisketthecat, @brisket_the_cat, etc.) making us think Brisket is perhaps the name you give your cat when you want it to become internet famous.

Cats named Brisket are also on Twitter:

Maybe Brisket is the Internet’s favorite Jewish food cat name? Please let us know.

4. Rugelach

This just makes sense as a cat name. I don’t have any logic behind it, besides this adorable cat on Instagram named Rugelach:

5. Bialy

Many people search for “cute cat names” when naming their cat. Because, duh, cats are cute, so they deserve a “cute” name. Enter “bialy,” arguably the cutest name on this list. Can’t you imagine squealing “bialy” when looking at a kitten!?


A post shared by @ bialy.the_cat on

While Bialy did not make’s list of “Cute Cat Names,” we think it deserves to be there.

6. Babka

Cats can look like challah, but cats can also look like babka. You heard it here first. (You can also name your cat “Chocolate Babka,” “Cinnamon Babka” or any other type of babka. The possibilities are endless!)

Also, while researching cats named babka, we found this adorable Yelp review: “We named our cat Babka, then made a trip uptown to Zabar’s to buy their chocolate babka and show it to our little loaf of joy.”

Here’s the picture of Babka the cat staring down a babka:


You’re welcome.

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