Spring Clean Your Kitchen!

It’s kind of cool that Passover naturally comes at a time when people are taking part in Spring cleaning rituals – Jews have their own, special form of Spring cleaning by ridding the house of crumbs and bread products while scouring the kitchen and ridding the fridge and freezer of unnecessary items.

But if you don’t take Passover as an opportunity to raid your fridge and break out the carpet cleaner, perhaps its time for a proper spring cleaning of your kitchen.

I’ve put together a list of my favorite tips and ideas – but send us yours too!

Re-stock your pantry!

If you did just clear out for the Passover holiday, then now is a great time to go out shopping to replace some of your pantry staples. I always like to have pasta, rice, different kinds of canned beans, tuna fish, crackers, jarred olives and pretzels on hand, among other things. Figure out which items can be useful to whip together weeknight meals in a pinch, or throw together a last-minute entertainment spread, and stock up now so you’re always prepared.

Replace your sponges and other cleaning supplies

To me there is nothing dirtier or germ-ier than kitchen sponges, and so I like to make sure to periodically toss them and start over with brand new ones. Kitchen and bathroom sponges are actually some of the most germ-infected items you will come across in your daily life.

Clean out the fridge!

Cleaning out the fridge is a task neither my husband or I enjoy, but doing this at least once a month will keep things fresher and actually prove less work in the long run. Make sure to look over expiration dates, and open all those bottles of jam and others condiments on the door to make sure nothing has turned into a science experiment. This is also a good opportunity to ditch your box of Baking Soda and grab yourself a new one. Martha has some additional great tips for cleaning out the fridge.

Give a thorough cleaning to sink, garbage disposal and dishwasher

Its easy to assume that if you spray down your sink, everything is clean. But to really do a proper cleaning you’ll probably have to go a little deeper when it comes to your sink, garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave and oven. Check out some step-by-step tips to ensure your appliances and sink are truly clean.

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