Shabbat Recipe Roundup: Bye-bye 2011

It’s the last Shabbat of 2011, so better make it special!

Looking to start your Shabbat with a festive drink? This Cork County Bubbles Cocktail recipe is sure to satisfy the wine lovers, and the scotch lovers, since it uses champagne (or sparkling wine) along with whiskey!

It seems every family has their own recipe for deviled eggs, but here is a great take I’ve never seen before – Chickpea Deviled Eggs! Or if you’re serving a dairy meal, try this unique version from Smitten Kitchen for Caesar Salad Deviled Eggs.

I think you are going to love this recipe for Apple Cider Glazed Pot Roast that I got from a friend. Not only is this recipe delicious, but its also super easy since its made in a crock pot – perfect for this time of year when Shabbat starts so early.

Lately, I cannot get enough cauliflower! My grandmother even bought me a cauliflower, and wrapped it, as a gift for Hanukkah. So besides roasting, what else to do? How about this Crispy Cauliflower with Olives, Capers and Parsley.

My dad actually made this Pumpkin Cranberry Bread recently, and it was surprisingly delicious. Usually when my dad tries to bake, it tastes like it’s been sitting in my grandmother’s freezer for 6 months. So bottom line – its a fool-proof recipe and perfect for this time of year.  If you want to make this pareve, you can replace the butter with margarine. I would also recommend using fresh cranberries.

Looking for a more chocolate-y dessert this week? Try this recipe for Chocolate Apple Sauce Cake from The Jew and the Carrot.

Happy cooking, Shabbat Shalom and Happy (secular) New Year!



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